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Most Frequently Asked Questions Here?

What is Marketing and Why it is Important?

Marketing is about identifying and meeitng human and social needs. According to us - Marketing is "meeting needs profitablity." A good marketing is an art and also a science, and it results from careful planning and execution using marketing tools and strategies.

What are the initial steps for Online Marketing?

To begin with Online Marketing, you should have a beautiful and responsive website where you can highlight your business 24*7. Social Media channels to connect with the right market audience, and a proper content marketing ideas to inspire and convert your audience.

What are your Core Marketing Concepts?

Needs are the basic human requirements. Humans create Needs, Wants, or Demands for specific products. Marketers need to identify the target markets, positioning of products and segmentation of buyers. And choosing the right marketing channels to promote your business. At last, buyers value and satisfaction is also considered a part of Core Marketing Concepts.

How will you develop Marketing Strategies and Plans?

The task of every business is to deliver customer value at a profit. A company can win only by fine-tuning the value delivery process and choosing, providing, and communicating superior value to increasingly well-informed buyers.

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